We provide solutions and services in the surveillance cameras and anti-theft alarm systems. Our expert technicians will provide you with the best security technologies at competitive and appropriate prices to address the client’s exact needs.

Our Vision

To employ our expertise in the field of security technologies in accordance with the international standards aiming to provide practical and affordable solutions to all types of clients both individuals and businesses.

Surveillance systems

Surveillance cameras have become increasingly popular recently and with the availability of many surveillance systems in the market, it has become difficult to choose the most appropriate solution. We, at Fikra Security Technology, provide all types from high-definition camera systems, Analog camera systems, and network camera systems.

• Indoor cameras
These are cameras that are installed and used in closed areas and are used for internal monitoring.
• External cameras
These are surveillance cameras that are installed and used in external locations, they are categorized by their superior ability to withstand environmental elements such as high and low temperatures, rain, dust storms, and other weather fluctuations.
• Moving cameras
These are cameras for large areas and operate in panoramic and wide photography to cover all directions.
• Wireless cameras
These cameras can transmit all signals without wires and connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and are used in places where cables cannot be extended.

Anti-theft alarm systems

The demand for the anti-theft systems has recently increased to reduce losses from the different security breaches.

We, at Fikra Security Technology, work with the best international brands for theft detection systems to ensure the highest levels of security for our clients.